All of our pottery creations are hand crafted and individually formed from white stoneware clay.  We use this type of clay to provide the delicate appearance of porcelain but still maintain the sturdiness of stoneware.  Our style is contemporary and we make both functional and decorative pottery.

Byron & Georgia started working in clay in 1999, studying ceramics at Carteret Community college under Scott Haines.  After moving to Seagrove NC we enrolled in the functional pottery course at Montgomery Community College.  Since then we have attended numerous workshops and seminars studying under many well-known potters a few of them being Michael Sherrill, Neill Patterson, Sandy Pierantozzi, Steven Forbes-deSoule, and John Britt.

We use hand built and wheel thrown techniques to create our pieces sometimes combining both processes to achieve the end result.  The surfaces are then altered or decorated utilizing various techniques from nature impressions and hand carving, to slip trailing and altering.

The piece is then dried to a bone hard state and fired to 1940 degrees Fahrenheit (the bisque firing).

After bisque firing we apply the glazes, using a combination of techniques including dipping, pouring, brushing, spraying, and trailing.  When the glazes dry the pottery is then fired to its final temperature of 2240 degrees Fahrenheit for approximately 16 hours.  This vitrifies the clay and sets the glazes giving the finished piece its beauty and strength.

Our glazes and clays have no lead and are food sate, microwaveable and can endure the harsh detergents used in the modern dishwasher.
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Ole Fish House Pottery
 functional and art pottery by
Byron & Georgia Knight.